Sam wears different girlie hairsyles, heels, necklaces, bracelets, and more makeup especially pink lip gloss, and purple eyeshadow. She even wears more jeans and cardiagans compared to her sneakers, vests, and shorts. She has been seen wearing that stuff, but not as often as in previous seasons. Freddie buffed up and is wearing more button down shirts, sweatshirts and t-shirts than Polos. They've both been wearing similar colors like blue, reds, purples and green Sam and Freddie have been werring stripes a lot too. Freddie wore a purple wristband in iGet Pranky and the shirt with green and purple stripes and more blue and stripes t-shirts and sweatshirts in ISell Penny-Tees. Sam definitely dressed way girlier in iGet Pranky the girly jeans, necklaces, boots, the red and blue cardigans; in ISell Penny-Tees she wore purple eyeshadown, black cardigans, necklaces and bracelets

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