Sam seems out of character a lot in Season 4 dressier girlier & being almost too nice for Sam sometimes. At times, You can see she picks on Freddie, but they are closer as friends. Sam goes through two extremes in this season girlier and really nice like in iGet Pranky or out of control typical Sam in iSell Penny-Tees. Seddie interview with Guppy Sam was nice like Freddie they finish each other's sentences. Freddie added louder like a big dog when Sam asked Guppy to bark. They pull pranks together, blog about each other. They seem closer as friends.

  • Sam wears girly stuff like jeans, blouse, and cardigans (is she dressing that way for someone like...I don't know her tech producer, friend
  • Sam's nicer to Freddie
  • They blog about each other
  • Freddie's more aggressive and sarcastic
  • Freddie put quotes around the word friend Sam possibly he wants to be his girlfriend
  • When Sam (Jennette) sings on iCarly Freddie will be amazed
  • iStart a Fanwar will just be about the rumor no ship will get together
  • They are closer friends
  • They do more stuff and games together
  • They like to play games with each other Cupcake War, Meat Golf, Slap Game
  • Add your ideas guys

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