So, as tweeted by Dan and some of the cast we know they're filming season 6 today. Adding their tweets to this blog and a bit more info you may not know.

Tweets from Dan and The Cast

  • Dan tweeted #iCarlyBackInProduction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Dan also tweeted Big @iCarly day! Psyched to be hangin' with @NathanKress, @NoahMunck, @JerryTrainor, @JennetteMcCurdy, @MirandaCosgrove, and T-Bo! :)
  • Miranda tweeted First day back to filming iCarly season 6!! So good to see everybody!
  • Dan tweeted again Just had a great script read with the @iCarly cast! And I talked with @NathanKress on the way out. We may have a fun surprise for you! ;)
  • Nathan tweeted I'm officially a working man again! Can't wait to get started on this season. This first episode is quite exciting!
  • Nathan said reply to Dan @DanWarp Oh dear... no pressure or anything. Hahah :P
  • Jennette tweeted AHH!! iCarly first table read of the season starts in an hour! BLERG
  • Noah mentioned on his Facebook page Back with the whole iCarly family today! We start filming a bunch of new episodes for all of you! Going into our first table read of the season!

Nathan, Jennette, Noah and Boog!e

Jerry has not tweeted yet about the new season, but he rarely tweets.

Info You May Not Have Known

Not, the most reliable sources for the following info, but I do have sources.

  • Darthleroy is an actor. Check out his profile. He was the one, who right about ILost My Mind being an episode when some of us thought it was fake. Anyway, he claims that #501, most likely the first episode of what we're calling Season 6 is "iGot Jungle Worms."
Tumblr lyc6bbofpl1qiwc6po1 500
  • The photo in this blog is a casting call for #502 which is still untitled. It calls for extras in a cafeteria scene, so I'm guessing the Ridgeway cafeteria will be seen.



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