320475310 This user loves to see Seddie kisses
319669975 The user "awwed" when they found out Sam and Freddie are finally dating
ILMM! This user is excited to Sam and Freddie in a relationship in Season 5
Lmlofj-b78805059z.120110610173349000grpvur2c.1 This user wants to Sam and Freddie double date with Carly and her boyfriend
Seddiecolorip2 The user loves when Sam and Freddie wear red, blue and stripes
Seddiecolorip2-2 The user has the same style as Sam in Season 5
Michelle-Obama-In-iCarly-FIRST-LOOKseddie2 The user was as shocked as Seddie to see Michelle Obama
SF320665309 Sam and Freddie are in love
23ilmmseddie This user is excited for the Seddie date

Tell what captioned userbox you want or need the code to if you wanna put it on your page Check it out and comment! --DevonAndersen 01:35, June 25, 2011 (UTC)

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