• My opinion is there is no iDate Sam and Freddie because if you look on the iDate Sam and Freddie page in the video link posted by JustJennette they are wearing the same outfits as the iLMM promo
  • I think Carly first confronts Freddie about the kiss hence the stares on the faces
  • They go see Sam, who been taken to and willingly admits herself in the psych ward after she gets arrested
  • Carly and Freddie then go try to see Sam, but for some reason are stopped by police as we saw in the Jim Parsons video
  • Carly talks to Sam first and assumes she's so in love with Freddie then she yells "Sam loves Freddie". I honestly believe Sam's in love and has feelings for him, but she may not be sure how he'll react. Caly just assumes she's in love and wants everyone to know
  • Carly leaves Sam and Freddie, who's heard none of the conversation dealing with another psych patient alone in her room Carly and Gibby meet Cal, Jim Parsons character
  • Freddie in Sam's room at the psych ward brings up the kiss like in the promo "Can we talk about the kiss?"
  • Meanwhile Sam is eating whatever meal she has on hand and avoids him 'til he asks that
  • Then they stand across from each other, Sam angry and won't admit to anything
  • After arguing They then have a civil conversation and both come up with the idea for a date once Sam gets out of the psych ward, but bring Carly along to mediate just in case
  • Carly asks them what the kiss was like, which for some reason probably after an argument leads them to kissing again and not by Carly pushing them
  • They have a nice time, fancy romantic dinner. Sam and Freddie love the food, which--I don't know I think is spaghetti
  • Mrs. Benson tells Gibby to spy and she freaks out after she finds it's Sam he's dating
  • She waits for him to tell her
  • Then I think this is the final scene where Freddie and Sam kiss. Sam puts her arms around his shoulders. Freddie pulls her and grabs her waist they smile they kiss. Spencer's fake lawn catches fire
  • Leaving Mrs. Benson and the whole thing for what she will do in the 2nd part of the 5 episode iomg continuation
  • I do believe this happens all in one episode, but won't be resolved 'til the 5th episode iOMG continuation. I mean to me it's kind of odd that they have all these clips and 1 title if it was multiple episodes

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