Little Seddie Moments Some Fans May Have Missed

  • Freddie touches Sam's soulder to see if it's really her and she doesn't mind
  • She helps Brad and Freddie with their project AND went to the movies with them
  • Sam helps Freddie by bringing his camera and he responds with a simple thank you
  • Sam makes guacamole for Brad and Freddie and he's suspicious of so she tries it out
  • When Freddie confronts Sam he grabs her arm and pulls her aside

The Conversation and Kiss

  • Freddie didn't go out and talk to Sam because Carly wanted him to, he did so on his own
  • Sam admits she doesn't hate him
  • Freddie tells her to admit her feelings for who he thinks is Brad
  • Sam threatens him once and he's not scared
  • Freddie kept the birthday card Sam gave him
  • He says groan all you want, but Carly's right
  • She grabs ahold of his shoulders and kisses. He leaves his eyes open and kisses her back
  • They kiss for 11 seconds

Let me know if there's any moments I missed that you guys saw and enjoy the gallery and video




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