• In this episode, Freddie says with a knife to cut the pineapple "Control Freddie Bad thoughts lead to bad actions." after Sam steals his pineapple. He doesn't do anything, but it does show he becomes more agressive like Sam
  • Sam steals Freddie's pineapple
  • Sam playfully smacks with a Penny Tee
  • Freddie says "Together we can keep Sam outta Juvie" after she makes a joke about the Sam Puckett "Legal Defense fund"
  • Freddie comes Sam a lazy blonde because she thought she hasn't been working, but they have this classic Sam-and-Freddie back and forth banter and argue with her
  • Again, Freddie calling Sam a lazy blonde is classic Seddie banter and shows more of a tougher side to Freddie who sounded much like Sam
  • Before that happens Freddie said "Oh it's happening" like Sam had spanked him before
  • Instead, Sam found child labor, which is illegal, but Sam has done illegal things before and it shows she is willing to help Freddie
  • Sam prompty on the bottom and Freddie yells, "Sam Sam Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!"
  • Freddie still talks about Sam spanking him when they walk down stands
  • Sam and Freddie walk down to the workshop together
  • Sam and Freddie stand next to each other in the basement watching the kids work
  • Sam randomly slaps Freddie and he's not bothered by it
  • Freddie doesn't like the idea of child labor, but he does want Sam and Carly to compromise
  • Freddie sarcastically calls Sam horrible, in front of the kids when they were talking about what Sam pays them only to make them feel better
  • Sam makes the Penny tees herself to help Freddie and iCarly
  • Sam and Freddie sit next to each other in the Groovy Smoothie
  • When Freddie says "Say it" Sam relents and apologizes to the kids at Freddie's request that is something she would have never done before
  • Freddie and Sam share glances with each other
  • Freddie walks right behind Sam as they leave the Groovy Smoothie
  • Freddie and Sam wear blue, purple and stripes a lot in this episode

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