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What I like About iCarly and this Wiki are

Pop quiz! Before I start off, can anyone guess the song reference I made and in what it was in? This is a really easy one!

Now let's begin..
I like this Wiki because it's nice to find information about the show itself before an episode actually airs and about the actors' upcoming projects.

(Hint Hint! Plugging Nathan's new movie Game of Your Life airing December 2nd on NBC at 8PM. It's a family movie, where he plays incoming college freshman Phillip Reese. He attends a video game design school...)

What I like about Wiki users here is that.. (and I know a lot of casts and actors say this) but it's really like one big iCarly opinionated family. We have disagreements about the show, but when it comes to whether or not someone is celebrating or having a bad day. We really care and respect one another as people, even if you have different view points on the say the romance aspect of the show

That's what I want to see out of all you guys is to have respect towards one another. I've said this 100 billion times, but even before I became an admin. It's important to me that you guys are safe, respectful, and lastly that wiki pages are kept clean. I can't stress that enough. As far as how a page looks. I'm a perfectionist. i want to look nice and have reliably sourced information. As far as the safety issue I do stress about that because I had a friend, who was harassed on Facebook, which unfortunately resulted into my friend harming herself and not being around anymore, so to speak, but I won't get too into that.

As for what I like about the show is that it's family comedy, if my daughters were older. This would be a show I would watch them every time it's on. Though I do find it funny when I have iCarly on. My 15 month-old stops whatever she's playing with or doing or will sit and watch occasionally esp. when Nathan (Freddie) and Jennette (Sam) come on screen.

Funniest episode of Season 5 is iCan't Take It. It had romance, good comedy, great Spencer moments. I love Dan's behind-the-scenes videos too.

This may be a little innuendo but the line that had me laughing hysterically is Spencer's line "I'll go get my boobs." I thought wow Spencer actually has a costume to dress up like a lady if needed and he actually wants to dress up like Sam's mom. Jerry Trainor makes anything funny!

Yes, I think Wendy and Spencer's goldfish should be brought back.

If you actually did read this and do a blog like this Thanks! Smile

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