So if you just hate the wait I'm sure we all do and the story line direction thus far. Just remember these things to look forward to and some are my personal opinions Feel free to comment and express your opinion

Seddie Story Line/Mentions

  • Sam's in love with Freddie
  • We finally get to see them being a couple, be affectionate, date, and she still beats him up in iStill Psycho
  • And even if they don't last past the four episode arc iCarly will always be first and foremost about the comedy

Why I think they have those story lines: They are growing up the iCarly trio is mostly all 17 and it's normal to have all those feelings and why Sam's style is different

Spencer Gets A Girlfriend/Carly's crush

  • In the episode ILove You he may finally get a steady love interest, Jenna Hamilton
  • Carly gets a crush on this guy named Barry after the arc where we see Freddie's whole apartment
  • Spencer tries to crack open a safe

Guest Stars/Upcoming Characters/Reoccurring Characters

  • Michelle Obama (And you really can't get any greater guest star than the first lady)
  • Jim Parsons from the Big Bang Theory aka Caleb in ILost My Mind
  • Charlene Amoia (who plays Spencer's girlfriend Jenna Hamilton) in iLove You
  • Jim Giordano (who plays Uncle Carmine) (whom we finally get to see)
  • Heather Harper whom if you haven't seen LA Forensics I thought it was amazing. She'll be guesting as Serena in IDate Sam & Freddie
  • Carly and Spencer's dad (Colonel Steven Shay)
  • Anything with Mrs. Benson, T-Bo, and Gibby (I think it's just hilarious)

Personally i love Gibby just being randomly weird, can't wait to see what T-Bo puts on a stick next. I was thinking soup in cups. I really want to see Mrs. B's reaction

  • Danielle Morrow in iStill Psycho

What I hope to see

  • Sam and Freddie still together and Sam still beating up Freddie with the classic back and forth they have
  • Spencer's crazy sculptures
  • Lots of comedy
  • Guppy, Maurice, T-Bo, and Mrs. Benson
  • Socko
  • Epic fight scene in iStill Psycho
  • Nora's reaction to Seddie (if still together)

What do you guys hope to see if you actually read this long chiz of a ranting blog. Give me feedback, opinions, ect

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