This blog was inspired by @Rose of Sharron's comment on @CartoonPrincess' new blog

@Rose Of Sharron's comment:
"This wiki has long gone to the dumps and I DO blame the chat AND the admins (Sorry).

The administrators aren't HORRIBLE, but they don't do their jobs! (And if they have time issues...why are they admins?)

The admins should be mature people with TIME to make this place as good as it was before, not regular users from the chat who are only popular on chat, but if they came on the actual wiki nobody would give them a second glance!

I MISS when it was just Mak23686, SeddieBeserker, TenCents, and Lotstar. The other admins are cool people, but they're only admins because they're popular. That is just bonk. Those four admins that I listed above have something that the other admins don't have an ounce of (This is NOT an attack against anyone because all of the admins are nice, this is a FACT). They are mature. Not popular teenagers from the chat. The old admins weren't even popular. The admins we have now are a mistake. The wiki is going downhill.

I'm not here to sugar coat anything for anyone so if you wanna rant at me, there's a reply button down below. I care more about what's happened to what used to be our fun, colorful wiki!

Yeah, I'm not as old as some of the other users, I started around the time iOMG came out and what a great wiki it was! The debates were great, the iCarly family was large and happy. Now we're just a bunch of cliques who hang out in a chat room all day! This is the ICARLY wiki. If you wanna chat, go on chatzy!

In all honesty, this blog is the best thing that's happened to this forsaken place in SUCH a long time. We're falling under and we're gonna keep falling.

What makes me angrier than anything is how all of these people suddenly want to be admins and chat mods. No one used to care about that! Now everyone wants power and popularity. If I wanted this, I'd want high school, not this place! There are cliques, there are 'besties' who exchange passwords, (which is AGAINST THE RULES) and people call each other by their first names and give out personal information (Remember Katydidit? Giving out info like that ISN'T SAFE). People openly curse or do this '***'.

This Wiki looks like a bad BAD joke. The admins are mostly made up of popular chat users, voted in by their friends and not by their care for the wiki, the users on chat are unruly, the pages (Remember them? :/) are deserted and all blogs are games. We never have any serious debates anymore, this wiki has become a teenager's playground.

I'm glad the people on this blog all feel the same way I do. At least the wiki hasn't completely been taken over by 'populars'. This isn't what iCarly is about. It's about Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Spencer. Not the chaotic happenings that take place now. No one cares about the dry spell and almost ALL of the old users have abandoned their ships and shipping pages after the arc for the chat. No one even cares about Creddie and Seddie anymore (a factor I definitely never thought that I'd miss). We used to care about it a little too much...but that's what made us iCarly fans.

What are we now? What are we about? Nothing, that's what.

I'm sorry if I'm ranting, but I'm fired up. I've had this in me for a long time now. And seeing Mak23686's 'What can we change' blogs, I didn't have the heart to be so critical when the admins try so hard, but your blog Cartoonprincess has triggered what has been bothering me inside and it's all exploded out. I'm sorry if I offended anyone (ESPECIALLY the new administrators, because they ARE nice people) but the new changes to the wiki have DESTROYED it. Especially the chat and especially the new admins. (Sorry, but we don't need 9 admins...-___-)

We're no longer a big iCarly family, but a drama show. The Victorious Wiki is a much more pleasant place (And I don't even like that show that much). The admins there are mature, not populars. The users there are mannered and the people there are close without being one huge, loud clique. And most importantly, they LOVE Victorious and don't abandon their pages for chat. And I don't know if you guys noticed, but the Victorious users have been talking about our wiki and they see what has taken some of you months to see. We've become a joke."

I'm not offended by this. I always believe everyone is entitled to their opinions I have to say I respectfully disagree with some of those points. I know I like to think of this Wik as family but if you prefer to not think that. Well then, we are a collective of iCarly fans. That is the main thing all of us share. I will say we do have our share of problems and I think all this has been happening because of the change in dynamic in the show. It has become more relationship-based, but one thing iCarly will first and foremost always be is about the comedy. We still have our Creator of this Wiki Sophie and our original admins Mak, and Eric. Tencents, LolStar Alica, iLove are awesome as well. People tend to lose interest in things.We can not control the actions of others whether they lose interest in iCarly or leave the iCarly wiki We can not control that or trolls all we can do is block, ban, and edit. Once we get new episodes like iStill Psycho. Things will mostly die down. Having adminship is not who has the most power or popularity otherwise CartoonPrincess would have gotten that because she is popular and makes great edits. I say this EVERYTIME in my blogs so much I'm preaching to the choir is to keep you guys, safe, respectful, and the wiki pages up-to-par And for those of you who don't feel we need nine admins for the hundreds of users that we have. I can resign, but what do you guys feel we can do better

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