So, sort of a take on Mak's blog "What do you like here?" In order to get you guys to explain things more in detail. I encourage every iCarly wiki user to write a blog describing in length (not just one or two sentences) What they like on the iCarly wiki? What they like about the show and if you had the chance to create your own iCarly episode? Try to avoid anything involving shipping. I know that may be difficult for some of you, like myself, because obviously I'm huge Seddie/Jathan/Nadisen fan. Let's focus on the main purpose of iCarly, which is the family comedy.

Think of these questions What do you like about this wiki?
What do you like about wiki users here?
What do you like about the show? if you can't think of anything in length. Do you like seeing Dan's behind-the-scenes videos for both iCarly and Victorious?
In your opinion, what was the funniest episode thus far?
Can you think of a humorous line from major or minor characters?
Who wants Dan to bring back Wendy and Spencer's goldfish? (I know that one was random?)

Start off your blogs I like this wiki because.. and I like the show because.. My follow-up blog --> These Are A Few of my Favorite things about this wiki and iCarly (Yes I know the title of this blog vaguely sounds like Dan's previous show What I Like About You That was unintentional haha!) Smile

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