What role would you want to play on ICarly?

  • Spencer's best friend/sibling or love interest
  • Carly's boyfriend/old friend/new friend
  • Sam's meat-loving best friend that has a tomboy sense of style with a girly sense of style quite like Sam herself
  • (Say Sam and Freddie are boyfriend/girlfriend) would you be the annoying friend that butts in all the time or a cool friend to hang out with
  • Be a part of Socko's family
  • Freddie's best guy friend
  • A Ridgeway student
  • A military brat like Carly/Spencer
  • An employee for T-Bo
  • Gibby's new model girlfriend

What would want to do?

  • Double date with Sam/Freddie plus be on the webshow
  • Go on a date with Spencer
  • Get techy/fence Freddie/Spencer like go to a Galaxy Wars Convention
  • Go out with Gibby
  • Talk MMA with Sam and Freddie
  • Go shopping with Sam, make sure she has money first
  • Go shopping with Carly
  • Have an eating contest with Sam

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