There are three possible reasons as to why:

  1. She felt really awkward, I think that kissed meant she loves him. But when grabbed him and kissed him really letting her feelings be
  2. She did swear they would never speak of it or do anything like that again, and gladly for most viewers she broke that promise
  3. Freddie kissed her back, I think, but he seemed kind of taken aback by it, so maybe she apologized for kissing him in mid-sentence. BTW I thought when she kissed was perfect probably also to get him to shut up.

75412 2881938659.jpg 84111 3097019201.jpg sfthreaten.jpg|That's it get out of here before I do a double fist dance on your face sfthreatenreply.jpg|You can threaten your double fist face dancing all you want samgrabsfreddieiomg.jpg|Sam grabs Freddie samabouttokissfreddie.jpg|They're about to kiss seddieiomgkiss1.jpg|kiss angle 1 seddieiomgkiss2.jpg|kiss angle 2 seddieiomgkiss3.jpg|kiss angle 3 seddieiomgkiss4.jpg|kiss angle 4 seddieiomgkiss5.jpg|kiss angle 5 seddieiomgkiss6.jpg|kiss angle 6 seddieiomgkiss7.jpg|kiss angle 7 seddieiomgkiss8.jpg|kiss angle 8 seddieiomgkiss9.jpg|kiss angle 9 seddieiomgkiss10.jpg|kiss angle 10 seddieafterkissiomg.jpg|After kiss seddieafterkissiomg2.jpg|after kiss part 2 tumblr_ljghtrsJ4i1qim2f4o1_400.gif seddieiomgkiss2-1.jpg

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