So a lot of people are worried about if Sam and Freddie becoming a couple will change them as individuals. Some seem to think Sam will be all nice, girly, and weak.

This is just my opinion yes it will change them as individuals, but it won't make them out of character. I think this whole story line of their budding relationship has changed them for the better, but not made them out of character.

Example: Sam slaps Freddie in the back of the head in IStill Psycho

They're growing up together and as individuals. I said this before, but Sam and Freddie because they are so opposite. They balance each other out I think Dan will never give bits where Sam messes with Freddie. It's part of what makes Sam and Freddie, Sam and Freddie and some of the comedy in iCarly.

Non OOC changes Sam and Freddie both have made

  • Starting with a physical Sam dresses a little girlier, but like a tough chick. Hence the leather jacket, studs and purple dress on her date with Freddie (That has to do with Jennette incorporating her own style with the costume designer)
  • Freddie can't be called nerdy anymore and he's gotten stronger, even Dan mentioned that when he tweeted a photo of Freddie [the one you see in the infobox on the Freddie Benson page] (Partially due to Nathan's workout regime)
  • Sam's nicer, but she still has that Sam Puckett sass.
  • Freddie more's confident (Ex. When he walked across the room, grabbed Sam, kissed to show how he feels, and to shut her up and stop ranting)

Will being a couple change them drastically and change their how they are. I mean sure it'll change their relationship and their dynamic, but I doubt there will be a time where Sam and Freddie aren't themselves.

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