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Here's a part of a new story I'm writing. If anybody's read my stories, you know I only write Future fics where Sam and Freddie have 2 kids. Here's the concept of iGo Back Sam and Freddie go back to the restaurant where I think they go to in iDS&F

iGo Back

It's now May 12, 2021 a young beautiful blonde woman sitting in her very own restaurant Bacio,checks her watch, it reads 5PM. She sighs. Suddenly a Sous Chef walks by with a ladle with a pesto sauce.

Sous Chef Kim says, "What do you think Sam?"

"Mmm a bit more basil, a little less olive oil" Sam suggests after she tastes it. Soon after she whispers something to the maitre d Patrick

Then a young handsome brunette man enters the restaurant heading over to his wife. But then the maitre d Patrick stops him.

Patrick greets, "Welcome to Bacio do you have a reservation sir?"

"What no I don't have a reservation Patrick c'mon man!" complains Freddie

Patrick explains, "Well I'm sorry sir I can't let in the dining area without a reservation"

"Dude and what's with this sir chiz. You know me. Freddie Benson. Your boss's husband." adds Freddie

Patrick sighs "Hmm and my boss has instructed me not to let you in"

"Sam!" Freddie yells

She shrugs, "Well look who's late again Benson. If you need I'll be in the kitchen." as she heads over to the back kitchen

"Samantha Joy Benson, you're a real piece of work. You know that." Freddie groans as he follows her in the back kitchen

Sam replies, "Ah ah The kitchen's for employees only Mr. Benson is it?"

"Ok so you wanna play it that way. Just a sec Mrs. Benson C'mere" Freddie grabs her arm and leads her out to their silver 2022 Flanken Motors Camero.

It's a start, but I don't know I'm stuck. Anybody have any ideas for stuff and/or moments they wanna read in my stories.

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