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iCarly/Victorious favorite ships, IPWV speculation

Favorite Victorious Ships

  1. Cabbie (Cat & Robbie) romantic, friendship
  2. Bade (Beck & Jade) romantic
  3. Tande (Tori & Ande)romantic, friendship

Favorite iCarly Ships

  1. Seddie (Sam and Freddie) romantic & friendship
  2. Spasha (Spencer & Sasha) romantic
  3. Speddiam (Spencer, Freddie, and Sam) friendship
  4. Seddibby (Sam, Freddie, and Gibby) friendship
  5. Fencer (Freddie and Spencer) friendship
  6. Spam (Spencer and Sam) brother/sister sort of way or in other words friendship
  7. Gencer (Gibby & Spencer) friendship
  8. Fribby (Freddie & Gibby) Friendship
  9. Wam (Wendy & Sam)friendship
  10. Gasha (Gibby & Tasha) romantic
  11. Sparly ( Spencer and Carly) brother/sister, friendship

Who gets along with Whom iPWV Speculation

Sam gets along with Jade. She also beats Rex at the rap battle

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