First off, I know people are not too excited for this episode because of the political aspect. To be fair, I am a democrat meaning I do share the President's and the First Lady's views on the government, so I am bias toward that. But that's not all of what the episode is about, cast members have repeatedly said, "Mrs. Obama has 2 big scenes throughout the episode." This episode does not focus primarily on the First Lady. The premise is Carly and Spencer's dad not being able to come home in time for his birthday. Sam and Freddie set up a video chat on a secure military website and they seem to be concerned that they can get thrown in jail. Sam even suggests she, Freddie and Carly flee the country after the first web cast and that's what majority of the episode is about.

My Expectations

  • Hilarity (as always)
  • Random explosions (dying to see that exploding cake)
  • Tons of random-dancing
  • Spaghetti Tacos
  • seeing Spencer in a suit (I know that's random, but Jerry looks handsome in a suit)
  • I wanna see someone get tased by the Secret Service (I don't why. It's kinda wrong, but it's kinda like I thought the shock pen aspect is funny)
  • And lastly, even though I watch for the comedy I want to see some Seddie/Sparly moments (Sam and Freddie working together to help Carly and if you guys saw the second promo, which is posted in the video gallery the Spencer and Carly hug after she looks all sad, probably when she found out her dad can't come home in time. I literally went, "Aww poor Carly, she needs to see her dad." I guess I can relate always being my Daddy's little girl, even though I'm an adult.


I just saw this episode online because a student from, where the cast had a special live screening posted it. Not giving away the link 'til tomorrow. I still can watch the episode and sneak peeks and whatnot and still watch the episode when it airs. If you do find what I'm blogging about I encourage you to still watch the episode tomorrow. It's a good one! I know I'll watch it again tomorrow. Oh and I didn't change my speculation from how I had first written other than removing a spoiler. Not giving any spoilers away!

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