3rd blog in a day yet again. I know there's been drama and @Candy I agree with your opinion. In fact, I 100% agree with it. @Ali you were right if I felt like censoring my blogs or anyone else's it would take away our freedom of speech. I'm not saying we can ignore the drama and forget about it and I always say people are entitled to their own opinions. I still believe in that sentiment to be true, but here's mine. Even though, I still think we should @Ilove (Jess I didn't forget you this time! You always do such a great job girl) Ali, Mak, Eric, LolStar and Dimey should discuss this matter privately. Not stopping anyone from expressing their opinion.

But my goal for today leading up to iMeet The First Lady is to discuss and do creative blogs about iCarly related things because it's time to bring our focus back to the show. I'm hoping EpicFork can help me out with topics. If you can't I understand. First iCarly blog before iMeet The First Lady is an iBalls Speculation. Comment below if you agree or have a speculation.

Seeing behind the scenes, promos, videos, bloopers and pics help me think of this speculation.

Carly has to leave for the week to Yakima before her dad comes home. She can't co-host iCarly. This prompts Freddie to want to become a creative member of the team. He wants to co-host with Sam. They come up with a skit involving Sam dressed in an outfit straight out of CandyLand and Freddie as a robot. They have Freddie's AV Tech club buddies help with the show like a Baby Spencer skit. Freddie decides to spice things up a bit by creating 3-D effects, which messes up people's vision. T-Bo, Mrs. Benson, and Spencer along with the rest of Seattle can't see til they stop the 3-D. With Carly gone for a little bit, Spencer decides to hire a personal assistant Marty to do things for him. Carly returns and they do another webcast.

Lame but that's all I got for now.

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