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iCarly Blog Day 2:iMash Up Titles

So in my goal to do blogs everyday fully based on iCarly and bring the iCarly back to this iCarly wiki as EpicFork said. I'm sure Jon or another user has done a blog like this before. Credit goes Sparklyplatypus for re-sparking the idea. Here's my examples. Comment and play iMash Up Titles. You can more than two and as EpicFork commented Feel free to make up a plot to go with your title.

iStill Psycho + iLove You = iStill Love You
iCan't Take It + iPie = iPie It
iDate A Bad Boy + iPsycho = iDate A Psycho
iDate Sam & Freddie + iMeet The First Lady = iMeet Sam & Freddie (We know Sam and Carly met when they were eight, but we don't know how all 3 of 'em met)
ect.. Keep going and think of more create better ones.

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iCarly Blog Day 1:iBalls Speculation Comment on my speculation or comment and give me your speculation

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