So in my goal to do blogs everyday fully based on iCarly and bring the iCarly back to this iCarly wiki as EpicFork said. I'm sure Jon or another user has done a blog like this before. Credit goes Sparklyplatypus for re-sparking the idea. Here's my examples. Comment and play iMash Up Titles. You can more than two and as EpicFork commented Feel free to make up a plot to go with your title.

iStill Psycho + iLove You = iStill Love You
iCan't Take It + iPie = iPie It
iDate A Bad Boy + iPsycho = iDate A Psycho
iDate Sam & Freddie + iMeet The First Lady = iMeet Sam & Freddie (We know Sam and Carly met when they were eight, but we don't know how all 3 of 'em met)
ect.. Keep going and think of more create better ones.

iCarly Blog Days Archive

iCarly Blog Day 1:iBalls Speculation Comment on my speculation or comment and give me your speculation

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