A continuation of a couple blogs, Who's excited for iBalls Tonight. Here's an interview Nathan gave to Bop and Tigerbeat last night, which I tweeted. And this blog can also be a discussion of sorts during the episode. I'm on the west coast, so if you're wondering why I'm not discussing with you guys. I'll see it three hours later.

In tomorrow’s episode of iCarly, “iBalls,” Freddie steps up to co-host the show when Carly can’t. Sam and Carly are skeptical about Freddie’s hosting skills, but he’s totally determined to prove that he’s creative enough for the gig. Check out our Q&A with Nathan Kress about the episode and a special iCarly clip below.

Did anything funny happen on set while you were shooting this episode?
In the scene where T-Bo talks about everyone’s eyes “going all wonky,” he was doing this funny stuff with his eyes, trying to get Jennette and me to laugh! And he usually succeeded, so it took a loooong time to film that scene!

The episode synopsis says Freddie is “faced with a mob of angry fans.” Oh no! What happens?!
Well I don’t want to give anything away, but due to some new technology Freddie uses, iCarly viewers experience some adverse side effects while watching the show!

What’s your favorite part of the episode?
My favorite part of the episode was getting to be a big part of the web show, in front of the camera! It was fun to be so terribly bad as a robot too.

Can you tell us a behind-the-scenes secret from the day?
As fun as it was to play the robot, it was a pretty uncomfortable costume. I was basically wearing a big plywood box with insulation hoses for the arms and legs. It got so hot while we were filming!!

When did you shoot the episode?
We finished this episode last summer, so it’s definitely been a long time coming!

If you guys saw Part 1 of this blog and my speculation. Can't believe I was right about the angry mob and Carly going to Yakima. Enjoy and get excited for iBalls TONIGHT and oh here's the source for the interview.

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