If tattoos bother you, Do not look at this blog. Personally, I see nothing wrong with tattoos I have a butterfly tattoo on the lower part of my belly near my hip. It also hurt probably just as bad as when I gave birth to my two daughters. Plus my hubby has like 4 tattoos Noah tweeted this back on September 1st!/NoahMunck/status/109162336383811584 @DanWarp, check it out man! “@chrislopezhello:It is real & I'm happy to be the FIRST fan with an iCarly tattoo!


And we thought we super crazy, psycho fans. This dude, a young kid named Chris actually got the iCarly logo as a real tattoo on his leg. I have to say I find that hilariously funny and awesome at the same tine

More News in my other blog today Cleared up by Mak. Dan is writing a new iCarly while filming Victorious Read for more details

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