Hey everyone. I just got this crazy idea that we could try out on this blog. First, pick one of your favoritr shows besides iCarly. Then, pick what you think your favorite character(s) favorite episode of iCarly would be.

Example: Victorious: I think Tori's favorite episode would be iFight Shelby Marx

Also, people can reply and say what they think that character's favorite episode:

User 1: (above example)

User 2: (click reply button) I think Tori's favorite episode is <insert another iCarly episode>. NOTE: If you can think of a reason why the character likes the episode, you can say it. The explanation can be as long as you need. * This video has nothing to do with this blog, but I think people should see it. It DOES have to do with iCarly, though. This IS NOT my video! I'm just sharing it with you guys to see what you think.

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