hi i'm DisneyVillains2345 i've been doing some fanfiction stories on wiki because im having troub le creating them on so today im giving you a storie called Villains Galor it features Nevel, Nora, Mandy, and Chuck as they trie to destroy icarly so read and enjoy

Chapter 1 evil rises: Nevel's POV: here i was sitting on my couch waiting for three kids the one i admierd Nora dirshlette was released from prison last month so i've told her to come today. The other one was a girl named Mandy who i also admired i told her to com. also a boy name chuck who was Spencer Shay's nemeses he got back from camp so i, aww forget it i'll just get on with it, any way they came to my dorstep "Come in shall you"

Normal POV: The four villains was talking over some stuff as nevel was escorting Mandy had evil in her eye's while Nora and chuck were smiling at each other evily. "Tomorrow" was all that nevel said then he waited till the kids left then he said to himself "You better watch out Icary HAHA Watch Out HAHAHAHAHAHA."

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