• Diva D

    (Setting) carly's apartment- living room-couch

    Spencer : Ok bye kido im off to the store need anything.?

    Carly : Nope im all good, hurry back.

    Spencer  : Will do.

    (sam comes through door)

    Spencer : Hey off to the store need anything.?

    Sam : Yea you can bring me some fat cakes.

    Spencer : Ok.

    Sam : I want 10 maybe 15.

    Spencer : Gotcha.

    (spencer leaves)

    Carly : Hey sam.

    Sam : Hey. Want to go to the mall.

    Carly : Lets hit it.

    (they both leave the house)

    (setting) Mall-store-clothes by you

    Carly : I love this store.

    Sam : Me too this stuff is kinda cute.

    Carly : Omg look boys at the snack table. They are really cute.

    Sam : I want the blondie. lol we match.

    Carly : Lets go over there.

    Sam : Come on.

    (they walk over there with the boys)

    Carly : Hey im Carly and this is…

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  • Diva D


    February 1, 2011 by Diva D

    i love icarly watch it everytime it comes on its so funny my favorite carater is sam she soo funny and is always hurting somebody not that thats funny but its funny when she dose it and anyway just want to say icarly is a great show and i love it well bye

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