(Setting) carly's apartment- living room-couch

Spencer : Ok bye kido im off to the store need anything.?

Carly : Nope im all good, hurry back.

Spencer  : Will do.

(sam comes through door)

Spencer : Hey off to the store need anything.?

Sam : Yea you can bring me some fat cakes.

Spencer : Ok.

Sam : I want 10 maybe 15.

Spencer : Gotcha.

(spencer leaves)

Carly : Hey sam.

Sam : Hey. Want to go to the mall.

Carly : Lets hit it.

(they both leave the house)

(setting) Mall-store-clothes by you

Carly : I love this store.

Sam : Me too this stuff is kinda cute.

Carly : Omg look boys at the snack table. They are really cute.

Sam : I want the blondie. lol we match.

Carly : Lets go over there.

Sam : Come on.

(they walk over there with the boys)

Carly : Hey im Carly and this is my friend Sam. Whats your names.?

Guy 1 : Hey im Brad and this is Jake.

Sam : Hey.

Jake : Hey your really pretty.

Sam : Thanks

Jake : Lets talk over here.

Sam : Ok

(they walk to sit down)

Sam : What are you like.

Jake : I love fat cakes, hurting people, andacting silly.

Sam : Omg me too. We are like the same. I think im really going to like you. Lol

Find out if Sam will find love and what Carly and Brad will talk about

                COMING SOON.!!!!!!!!

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