Elloh icarly fans! :) very first blog...I never wrote a blog on any website before except for on go on there a lot.) I've been a member since May and what I gotta say is: Wow. Wikia is AMAZING!!!!!! I looooooove going on the wikis! I know I've said I'm a creddie shipper, but recently I've felt a little more neuteral. I still like creddie, but...maybe not the romance. If I had to chose, I'd say creddie over seddie. But I've never really been a shipper of romance much. (Except for The Phantom of the Opera. I ship Christine and The Phantom together and Raoul with Carlotta! XD ) I looooove visiting both the creddie and seddie pages because that's where most of the action happens.

Anyways, just a few questions:

1. Who is Katydidit and what did he/she/it do that was bad? (I noticed he/she/it was blocked.)

2. Why are there ship wars? I haven't seen many lately, but why do people bash other ships? My advice to them: Keep your dang rude comments to yourself! Anyways, usually when I feel angry at someone, I write them an angry letter and throw it away. I suggest to do that about the ship you hate. It really takes a lot of anger out. (At least for me.)

May the force be with you and God bless, (I decided if I was to have one of those sincerly/peace out whatevers it'd be this),


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