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Rate any characters of iCarly according to their awsomeness! (On a scale from 1-10) And also explain (if you want to). I'm new and this is my first blog so hope you enjoy :) Here's my opinion:

Carly: 6 (She made Spencer cut his hair and sometimes acts like a little princess but she's cool)

Sam: 9 (She's so funny and she's my fave character but nobody's perfect)

Freddie: 8 (Sometimes funny and can be deep when talking about relationships to Carly and Sam as seen in iSaved Your Life which I love because half the reason I watch iCarly is because of relationships)

Spencer: 7.5 (Sometimes too silly/stupid for me but he is really funny especially in iHire An Idiot)

Gibby: 7 (Like Spencer, sometimes too stupid/silly for me but he's really funny)

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