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  • DragonManiac86

    This is the third? version of the iCarly Wiki User Survivor V3. The same rules apply for this version.

    1. You vote who to eliminate in a poll.

    2. User with most votes will be eliminated.

    To sign up, leave a comment below saying that you would like to enter. The first 30 people to sign up will be entered, after that, no more people will be accepted.

    The Poll will be updated every 3/4 days.

    1. DryYoshi
    2. SpencerFanGirl123
    3. Sunrise Daisy
    4. Toadetterocks
    5. Purplewaffles13
    6. EpicnezzEmily
    7. TenCent
    8. Jon23812
    9. Staygoldx16
    10. Samlovesham
    11. Booklover101
    12. Omgitisme
    13. SCherry08
    14. NeneG
    15. Seddie1012
    16. Kittygirl7878
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  • DragonManiac86

    OK, these are my thoughts on Sophie admitting the truth and this whole incident.

    First of all, I do not agree with her actions. I think it was wrong to lie about having heart problems, betraying everyone after they believed she was dying, including myself. When I heard that she was lying, I felt hurt, betrayed, disappointed and most of all confused, confused at why she had done this, confused at why she said it in the first place, and confused at why she didn't admit the truth in the first place. Most of us want a definite and honest answer from her as to why she done this, but many will feel the answer she'll give us isn't the truth, even if it is or not, because she kept telling us a lie, and we all believed her. Also, many people who geniuly …

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  • DragonManiac86

    OK, this is my first blog here (I think), anyway, its a blog containing a short summary of my life as we are in 2012 now.

    • Born 10 weeks early.
    • Had an operation at a few days old.
      • 10%? of my intestines removed from the operation.

    • One of my grandad's died aged 86 (Don't remember him at all)

    • My brother was born.

    • Went to Old Trafford to see Manchester United play. (This was a present for my 10th birthday)

    • Fainted in my room after a barbeque in our back garden. Was rushed to my local hospital where I coughed up a good bit of blood and got transferred to another hospital in an ambulance. Had x-rays done and got pnuemonia. Was kept in hospital for 3 days. Had pnuemonia for 2 months.

    • Passed my first karate grading.

    • Went to Italy for 5 days to celebrate my …

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