OK, these are my thoughts on Sophie admitting the truth and this whole incident.

My Thoughts:

First of all, I do not agree with her actions. I think it was wrong to lie about having heart problems, betraying everyone after they believed she was dying, including myself. When I heard that she was lying, I felt hurt, betrayed, disappointed and most of all confused, confused at why she had done this, confused at why she said it in the first place, and confused at why she didn't admit the truth in the first place. Most of us want a definite and honest answer from her as to why she done this, but many will feel the answer she'll give us isn't the truth, even if it is or not, because she kept telling us a lie, and we all believed her. Also, many people who geniuly have heart conditions are actually dying, while she may or may not know this, but still, she pretends to do the same thing, which is completely wrong. Also, this perfectly healthy girl I went to school with died of a sudden heart attack in November, and if she had thought for one minute the effect it would have on people, none of this would have happened, and none of these blogs would have to be written. Sophie may have wanted the attention, but she could have liked the attention, so kept up the lie about her heart problems, so she could fit in, this is just my opinion as to why she done it. The truth had to come out some time, and to be honest, I am kind of glad it did, because keeping a lie like that is not healthy for the mind, and can lead to serious mental problems. I was also shocked when Sophie had said she wanted to commit suicide, even though I thought it was just for attention and pity and I was really worried that she would do it, I still am as I'm writing this. I'm hoping that Sophie will realize what she has done, the damaged she has caused, and the friendships she has betrayed. Many people will agree that her rights being removed were a good thing, and that she should not get them back, and I agree with them. While I may be one of the few to say this, I actually forgive Sophie, everyone deserves a second chance, and we all make mistakes we come to regret and we often feel guilty, let's hope for Sophie's sake, she feels this way too.

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