• Dramaprincess15

    Well, my mind was wandering, so I thought I’d talk about anything iCarly-ish :) that cool to you guys? Cool.

    1. Pairings.

    I personally ship Seddie, because I think it’s awesome. If I didn’t I’d probably go for Cam. I know that Nick will probably not air it, but maybe TeenNick would. But that’d be kinda weird, to have on episode on TN. I know there are lots of Creddiers out there, so I’m curious to see your point of view. Like, how can you see that happening, and why? (No offence intended at all)

    2. The half-completed season 4.

    Ighht, well, I’m going completely INSANE waiting for iHire An Idiot. Like, seriously, when is it coming on???? Did anyone watch House of Anubis? I only ask cause I wanna know if there was a promo aired during …

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  • Dramaprincess15

    The Obsessive Wait

    December 14, 2010 by Dramaprincess15

    Ever since i found out i's probably have to wait until 2011 to see the next episode, i've been kind of obsessing over it. I'm constantly watching for new information and promos. is anyone else doing this?

    But anyway, i've gotten so obsessed with waiting for it that in my dream last night I was watching Nickelodeon when an iCarly commercial came on. It had 'iHire An Idiot' written on a purple/blue/pink/yellowish background. It had a picture of the iCarly cast and then it flipped itself around to a picture of Cort. The only reason i knew it was a dream was because the background flipped itself around again to reveal the release date: Jan 49th.

    needless to say, i'm disappointed. Has anything like this happened to anyone else?

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  • Dramaprincess15


    December 10, 2010 by Dramaprincess15

    Hey, all ! i just started on the wiki and i have a few questions. i apologize if they are stupid questions but i dont know what im doing exactly.

    1) how do you get those little sticker-ish things on your profile that say things like "This user ships Seddie or Creddie of Spam" or things like "This user is a T-Bo enthusiat".

    2) what are a persons favorite pages? like pages on the wiki or pages just all over the Internet?

    3) how do you add photos to the galleries?

    again im sorry if the answers are really obvious. thank you in advance if you can help me because i am totally lost .

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