Well, my mind was wandering, so I thought I’d talk about anything iCarly-ish :) that cool to you guys? Cool.

1. Pairings.

I personally ship Seddie, because I think it’s awesome. If I didn’t I’d probably go for Cam. I know that Nick will probably not air it, but maybe TeenNick would. But that’d be kinda weird, to have on episode on TN. I know there are lots of Creddiers out there, so I’m curious to see your point of view. Like, how can you see that happening, and why? (No offence intended at all)

2. The half-completed season 4.

Ighht, well, I’m going completely INSANE waiting for iHire An Idiot. Like, seriously, when is it coming on???? Did anyone watch House of Anubis? I only ask cause I wanna know if there was a promo aired during it. If there was, was it cool looking?? I am desperate for any news!!! And besides, isn’t there like 3 other episodes taped?? When are they airing? It’s been about 1 ½ months since ISAFW. Why are we waiting this long…. Im very annoyed.

3. Just anything else :) **Mainly Spencer**

Question: T-Bo or Spencer?? Just curious cause they are both really funny .

who thinks Spencer should get a cool girlfriend? like a really funny one like him. But no one is as random as Spencer, so that might not happen. I just wanna see someone for spence.

Where is carly’s dad? Like, I know the army, but is he ever going to show up on the show? That’d be fun to watch. iSee My Dad Again. I can just see the promos…

Back to Spencer. Lol this guy just amazes me. Are we ever going to see him actually hanging out with Socko? I wanna meet Socko so badly!!!

Kay well, that was all that crossed my mind currently :) . anything to add/comment? Ahaa . sorry if the fonts messed up, my computers goin nutso .

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