first,I would like to apologize if this has been done before,it just popped up in my head.

ok well you pick a 3 person team out of all the characters(it dosen't matter if someone is also using them) (you may not use carly sam and freddie together because then to many people would do that)and what they do makes you gains/lose points.


10 Points for saying chiz

8 points for Kissing another character(on the lips)

9 points for randomly danceing

6 points for getting in a fight with a main character

7 points for having a crush on another character

12 points for dating another character

5 points for doing/eating something gross

1 point for saying the kissed someone(Ex.Carly:I kissed Freddie!)

1 point for saying they are in Love with someone


10 points for saying something cheesy

5 points for revealing something embarrassing

6 points for losing a fight

(the points start now so if any of this already happened that will not count)


Dreaming of Seddie

Sam:0 points

Freddie:0 points

Spencer:0 points

Rubber Toast

Carly:0 points

Sam:0 points

Gibby:0 points

(put your team in the comments and I will add you)

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