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  • DryYoshi

    Since I haven't uploaded a new part in FOREVER, here's a short one to hold you guys over.

    Also SFG please don't take this chapter personally. Viccie, Chop and Nora... they're all just characters. But if you have to blame anyone, blame Viccie. c: But seriously, Viccie is craycray. THE NOTEPAD IS JUST A JOKE GUISE OK. Okay, I hope that's enough. Now go read.

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  • DryYoshi

    It's been quite a while since I've written a new part of ATGA. This is because I first had writer's block for a while and then my laptop just went to chiz. While still waiting for my laptop to be repaired so I can continue writing the story, I'm writing this blog on some ideas I have for the future of the story.

    • Backstories. In the beginning of the story Caroline already knows a few people. (Pope, Caroline, Jaff, Nina and Pope) It was never really explained why/how and I might write a backstory about it. The main priority is backstories of newer characters though. (Especially Emma and probably Acne, Viccie, Hammer, Tariba and uh I forgot Sunday's name for a sec lol)
    • More characters of course. Perky will be one of the next few cause I have sp…
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  • DryYoshi

    Since the other blog is a little old, I decided to create a new one to remind you all to PLEASE RECORD THE SONGS PLZZZZZZZZZ.

    Here's the setlist once again.

    All the recorded ones should have the Youtube links behind them.


    1. DryYoshi - PM Me Maybe [Call Me Maybe parody] (Written by EpicnezzEmily)[ Youtube ]
    2. SpencerFanGirl123 - On Wiki Chat [Baby parody] (Written by SpencerFanGirl123)
    3. SpencerFanGirl123 - The Chat Song [Lazy Song parody] (Written by SpencerFanGirl123)
    4. EpicnezzEmily - What Makes Yoshi Beautiful [What Makes You Beautiful parody] (Written by One Singular Sensation) Youtube video
    5. SpencerFanGirl123 & DryYoshi - We Are Young parody (Written by EpicnezzEmily)
    6. SpencerFanGirl123 - Spam on Everything [Ketchup on Everything by Allisyn Ashley Arm par…
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  • DryYoshi

    Ugh these part names are terrible.

    Well well. Crazy chiz going on. Well anyway time to guess who Emma is. Also, some stuff is cut from this part again. A lot, I must add. But it's intact in the book version.

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  • DryYoshi

    This might probably be the only chapter with relations to this wiki (besides the fact that all the characters are based on you guys)

    Also read my comment below.

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