It's been quite a while since I've written a new part of ATGA. This is because I first had writer's block for a while and then my laptop just went to chiz. While still waiting for my laptop to be repaired so I can continue writing the story, I'm writing this blog on some ideas I have for the future of the story.

  • Backstories. In the beginning of the story Caroline already knows a few people. (Pope, Caroline, Jaff, Nina and Pope) It was never really explained why/how and I might write a backstory about it. The main priority is backstories of newer characters though. (Especially Emma and probably Acne, Viccie, Hammer, Tariba and uh I forgot Sunday's name for a sec lol)
  • More characters of course. Perky will be one of the next few cause I have special chiz in store for her :P Also SJF. Don't worry, a lot of my friends will be in it. (And enemies maybe hehe)
  • More fantasy and sci-fi. So stuff like vampires and other demons. But good creatures too, like fairies. And a lot of crazy technology in the sci-fi department of course.
  • More disasters. It's an Apocalypse story afterall.
  • More jokes :D Probably a lot that will not make it into the "censored Wikia" version.

So expect more great ATGA parts soon :)

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