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Number 11. "Why top eleven? Because I like to go one step beyond." :3 (Guess what it's from and get a cookie)

Honorable (perv) mention: (Jon might ALWAYS take this place xD)
"You think you're so slick? Taking a picture of me naked? Huh? Well jokes on you, the bubbles cover my boobs!" - Jon23812

3nd Place:
"Wait a minute...why the fudge is there a photographer in my bathroom?!" - Sparklyplatypus

2nd place:
"I can't believe im stuck here with my toe in the faucet, naked, with a date less than 30 min, and feel like a pruny naked grandma. " - Bowtie1196

1st place:
"Why is it that every time something embarrasing happens to me, it ends up on national television? "
- iKayla

Tumblr lxcsruGhol1qesmej6

What did you do, Jerry? WHAT. DID. YOU. DOOOOOOOOO?

Comment about weird-face Jerry holding a spaghetti taco while sitting on the couch with Michelle Obama. NOW.

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