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DryYoshi's Caption Contest 12

DryYoshi April 21, 2012 User blog:DryYoshi

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Yes ladies and gentlemen, the oh-so pervy caption contest is back from the dead!

Honorable (perv) mention:
"Damn I don't know how much longer I can hold up that pee... Smile Jerry, smile.. "
- Alica

3nd Place:
"Maybe I could make a Spaghetti Taco sculpture of some sort. Oh, and it can be an EDIBLE SCULPTURE!!!"

2nd place:
"I just realized my fly is down. Oh, why do embarrassing things happen to me when I'm sitting with first ladies? Oh, wait. That never happens. :( "
- Bori Freak

1st place:
Spencer: "CONCENTRATE ON LOOKING COOL, SPENCER. CONCENTRATE! Maybe...if I look cool enough...she'll put in a good word for me...and they'll put my face on a coin! ;D It could be called...the Spenny...OOOoooooh yeahhh. ;)"
- CreddieCupcake

ICarly S02E09 (iPie).avi snapshot 03.27 -2010.01.13 20.08.45-


Comment about pie obsessed maniacs NOW.

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