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Yet another issue of the Caption Contest. Not that much comments on the last one. How sad. Well, I guess the number 13 really brings bad luck.

Honorable mention:
Spencer: You know, I really thought wearing PJs to a pie shop was a good idea...
- TenCents

3rd Place:
Carly: Awh, his face kinda looks like a pie!

Spencer: I'd eat that pie.

- CreddieCupcake

2nd place:
Sam: Eat the pie or I'll eat your face

Carly: This is my creepy pie face smile

Spencer: My hand fits so wonerfully on my hip

Man in background: looking down ah looking down ah looking down
- Cherry

1st place:
Carly: Freddie, we have called you here today to tell you that because you are such a super stud, we have decided to share you. I get you in the morning, Spencer gets you in the afternoon...

Sam: And at night, it's Mama's turn. Now eat that pie REAL slow. Just like that.

Spencer: And no, you have no say in this matter whatsoever.

Freddie: I hate to break it to you guys, but I'm already in a relationship.

Carly, Spencer, and Sam: With who?!

Gibby: (walks through the door in his werewolf costume) Me. GIBBEH.

- Sparkly


Awww, look at wittle baby spence-or!

Comment about Baby Spencer NOW.

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