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DryYoshi's Caption Contest 8

DryYoshi December 26, 2011 User blog:DryYoshi

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Okay, since everyone has apparently been waiting for this... here ya go, a new caption contest. I'm so sorry for the lack of any lately.

3nd Place:
Carly: "Why am I standing next to a midget..."

Mitch: "Looking good for the camera ;)" - PurpleStripedFudgeParole239

2nd place:
Mitch: "Everyone thinks that being short must be terrible. But I have a greeeeaaaat view when I move my head to the left a little. Well, this girl is not really gifted when it comes to her... Let's find Sam." - PurpleJerk

1st place:
Mitch: "I am so gangsta. Oh yeah. SHANK!"

Carly: "...I'm starting to wonder what's really in this backpack...." - CreddieCupcake

Congrats, Cupcake :)

Anyhoar, here is the one for this time:

Spencer&#039;s Junkyard Christmas Tree

"Look, it's a christmas tree made out of junk!"

I hope everyone has had a fun Christmas and... NOW GO POST A COMMENT! FAST! Because Friday or Saturday will already be the next and last Caption Contest of 2011!

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