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List of DryYoshi's Caption Contests

DryYoshi October 12, 2011 User blog:DryYoshi

Below is a list of links to all my caption contests for the News Team.


Caption Contest 1 - Sam's Giant Fork

Caption Contest 2 - Spencer trapped in chamber

Caption Contest 3 - Sam and Spencer cooling off

Caption Contest 4 - The gang screaming in an RV

Caption Contest 5 - TURKEY! HAPPY THANKSGIVING 2011!

Caption Contest 6 - Nora and Freddie hugging

Caption Contest 7 - Carly and Mitch

Caption Contest 8 - Spencer's junk Christmas tree


Caption Contest 9 - Freddie holding a knife

Caption Contest 10 - Naked Carly in the bathtub (Winning quotes were all SOPA related)

Caption Contest 11 - Jerry holding a taco while sitting with Michelle Obama

Caption Contest 12 - Sam, Spencer and Carly being all pie-obsessed.

Caption Contest 13 - Baby Spencer and the big toothbrush.

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