If you've been on chat lately, you may know about my story called a A Teenage Girl's Apocalypse, in which there's a girl who's the only human being that's afraid of the Apocalypse.

You can read the story here

All characters are based off of users on this wiki.

The characters so far:

  • Main character = A girl me
    • The main character. The only one who realises the Apocalypse is going to happen. (in the first few chapters)
  • Nora = SFG
    • The main character's best friend. Loves Justin Bieber and Fred. Very innocent. The total opposite of the main character.
  • Holly = Holy
    • A teacher in the first chapter. She will return later and something special will happen to her.
  • Alice = Alica
    • Big Evanescence fan and a friend of Pope.
  • Pope = Poptart
    • Religious and a friend of Alice.
  • Nina = Fishy
    • Friend of the main character and Jaff's girlfriend.
  • Jaff = Yoshi (me)
    • Huge Paramore fan, pervy and Nina's boyfriend.
  • Chop = Chunt
    • Jaff's little sister.
  • Viccie = Fudge
  • Tariba = Tara
  • Daisila = Daisy

New characters are added every few chapters.

Leave a comment with something along the lines off "I wanna be in the story!" to be a character in the story. Thinking of a name for your character yourself would be greatly appreciated. Depending on how well I know you (you could always tell a little about your personality), you will be one of the following:

  • One of the main characters
  • A minor character
  • A one/few-line character
  • A character mentioned in a last scene, along with all the other characters

(I have great plans for the ending scene. Everyone in the story and who commented on this blog [if you want to be in it, that is] will be mentioned there)

DryYoshi♦A Teenage Girl's Apocalypse♦ 21:52, February 12, 2012 (UTC)

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