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Second Wiki Album Recording submissions

Since the other blog is a little old, I decided to create a new one to remind you all to PLEASE RECORD THE SONGS PLZZZZZZZZZ.

Here's the setlist once again.

All the recorded ones should have the Youtube links behind them.


  1. DryYoshi - PM Me Maybe [Call Me Maybe parody] (Written by EpicnezzEmily)[ Youtube ]
  2. SpencerFanGirl123 - On Wiki Chat [Baby parody] (Written by SpencerFanGirl123)
  3. SpencerFanGirl123 - The Chat Song [Lazy Song parody] (Written by SpencerFanGirl123)
  4. EpicnezzEmily - What Makes Yoshi Beautiful [What Makes You Beautiful parody] (Written by One Singular Sensation) Youtube video
  5. SpencerFanGirl123 & DryYoshi - We Are Young parody (Written by EpicnezzEmily)
  6. SpencerFanGirl123 - Spam on Everything [Ketchup on Everything by Allisyn Ashley Arm parody] (Written by Jon23812)
  7. Sparklyplatypus - Wiki LaBeouf [Shia LaBeouf parody] (Written by ICarvicious22)
  8. DryYoshi - Chatmod Problems [Hot Problems parody] (Written by EpicnezzEmily) Youtube video
  9. Undetermined - A Wiki Like You [Someone Like You parody] (Written by Seddiafoeva)
  10. Undetermined - I'll Make an Admin Out of You [I'll Make a Man Out of You parody] (Written by Seddiafoeva)
  11. Undetermined - Colors of the Wiki [Colors of the Wind parody] (Written by Seddiafoeva)
  12. One Singular Sensation - Userships [Nicki Minaj Starships parody] (Written by Seddiejathanfan)
  13. Undetermined - Amy ["Sandy" from "Grease" parody] (Written by ICarvicious22)
  14. FreddieSeddieI'mReady - The Wiki Runs [21 Guns parody] (Written by FreddieSeddieI'mReady)
  15. TenCents - Some User That I Used To PM [Somebody That I Used To Know parody] (Written by ICarvicious22)
  16. Undetermined - Telephone parody (Written by ILoveSeddie1234321).
  17. One Singular Sensation - It's Normal Here (Original song by One Singular Sensation) Youtube video
  18. Everyday I'm Circus Afro (Submitted by Candycoateddoom)

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