hi world it's me Dustin smith i am going to tell you about myself i like to read about 45 books. when i was 7 i was good at basketball i was in a team in Los Angles Califorina called the sonic birds my coach let me called it my team if your wondering why they let me because they were only 5 people in my team we won about 4 tourtments in Los Angles down town. I have 2 sister and 2 bothers there name are raven and samatha my bothers name are blacke and steven. they are my best friends ever i love them now my mom she 49 she knows a lot about the bible means bible insturents before leaving earth if you know my mom likes over 10000""""""""""""""""" songs my mom ment led zepplied an guns and roes. Now my dad he's 39 he ment my mom in los angles in hollywood some where in down town he left my mom in 1992 not anything bad he just left 2 mistakes drinking and someking did'nt work out i saw him when i was 4. 5 years later we fond a house in californa we like it here i miss my friends the school was mean i have ahd and buckteeth but they were not that bad then when i was a teenager about 13teen i was in a school called lincoin next to the school when i moved to oceanside called paquest roadrunner then lincoin. It got tuffer lots of bullying but i meant three friends 2 girls and 2 guys one came from pamqeust.One into skateboarding and pokemon and naruto. 1 year the one girl left to new york and went to lions and cava a k12 thing wich i am in my reading increasd t0 9.3 score I'am ito bible, pokemon, naruto, basketball,soccer thats my sports to play. My song artist are likinpark all amercain rejet nickelback greenday jaskson 5 and a whole lot more. my favorite shows are pokemon naruto icarly stuipdods. thats all about me later i am 15 born january 11 1995 in texas austin. my faorite anmails birds and heghock and cats ang dogs ferret sharks and bugs. toon in nextime

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