(Sam's Point Of View) I was on Carly's couch eating ham...Yumm..I saw Spencer come downstaris looking like a mess.. I laughed and said "What Happen Spencer?" Spencer turned around and looked at me and said "My head got stuck to the toliet again." I smiled and saw my best friend Carly come in wearing a Blue and White shirt with a blue mini shirt with Black leggins. I saw her texting on her iphone. I said "Hey Carly." Carly looked up and saw me and smiled, Carly sat down next to me and got the remote and turned on Girler Cow, I love that Show! I started getting into the show that me or Carly saw Spencer fall down the staris...Carly started poking me, I looked at her and grabbed her hand and said "Why are you poking me?" Carly smiled and got her hand back, Carly laughed and said "Who do you like?" I looked at her and said "No,One." Carly laughed and gave me her -Dont-Lie Look. I smiled and said "I dont like anyone." RIght when I said that the Dork came in...Fredork smiled and sat down next to me and Carly, Carly was watching her show Glee and she gets mad when people talk to her when its on. I smiled and looked at Fredork, I said "Wanna Do something?" Freddie laughed and put his head on my shoulder, Ewwww I got Nerd Germs! I sighed and said "GET OFF OF ME!" Carly hussed us up while she watched her stupid Show. I laughed and saw that Freddie did not get off me..Ok this kid is asking for it! I got him off of me and flipped him over. I laughed and saw him get mad. Freddie got up and went close to my face, I am about to kill him! Freddie got closer and closer to my face...What is he gonna do? Freddie smirked and started leaning in, Oh God...Freddie had the balls and Kissed Me! Freddie closed his eyes and started getting into the kiss...I am about to pull away.

(Freddie's Point Of View) I do not what came over me and I guess I had the Balls to kiss Sam Puckett! I dont know why but I started getting into the kiss...Wow her lips taste like StrawBerrys and Ham. Yummm... We started making out for 3 mintues Untill I felt someone Flip me over...Really Sam? I looked and was about to yell Sam when I saw my mother stand under me. I saw Sam Open her eyes and Smile and blush... I started Blushing like crazy too. My mother gabbed my ear and pulled me to my house while yelling "You are gonna Wash your mouth!" I smiled and my mother put my mouth in the sink and washed it off with soap...Best Kiss Ever...

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