In wiki code, the hexidecimal system is used to produce colors for text, backgrounds, etc. It is a 16-point system from 0-9, with A-F representing 10-15. 0 is the absence of color, and F is full intensity. A hash tag (#) is used before the six-digit hex triplet. (Ex: #00BA85).

The primary colors in light are red, green, and blue.

The first two characters in the hex triplet represent red. The second two characters, green. The last two, blue. #000000 is black, #FFFFFF is white.

If you want to create yellow, the first two characters (red) would be FF (full intensity), and the second two (green) would also be FF. Blue would be 00 (absent). Yellow is #FFFF00.

For darker colors, lower the saturation. Red-orange is #FF5500, so cut the values in half to make brown: #782800. Since F is 15, 7.8 is half.

RGB illumination

Colored lights merge to create cyan, magenta, yellow, and white.

To make a color lighter, increase the value of the other colors equally. Pink is #FF8080, light green is #80FF80 and so on.

Web-safe colors

Hex triplets can be abbreviated to three characters for simple colors. The color scheme is #RGB:

Blue #00F
Red #F00
Green #0F0
Yellow #FF0
Cyan #0FF
Magenta #F0F
Pink #F88
Brown #830
Black #000
White #FFF
Gray #888
Purple #80F


The best site I've found for mixing colors is You can also visit the Wikipedia page on this subject.

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