There are two major reasons I'm stepping down as bureaucrat and administrator.


I'm fed up with the nonsense from my own side (Seddie). This includes the irrational Nathan Kress hatred propagated by some of the fans. You can read more about that here.

I defended Jennette a while back, and received support for that. Unfortunately, when I tried to defend Nathan, I did not receive the same support.

Frustrated and rejected by my own side, I created a fake twitter account to troll some of these folks, and I trolled them hard. This blog will give you more info.

There's a popular quote by the late 19th century German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche: "Take great care when fighting the dragon, lest you become the monster yourself." I became the dragon.

I'm always telling people to not attack others or disrespect their opinions, and here I am doing the same thing. So I am not the best example as an administrator, much less a bureaucrat. I therefore resign my rights immediately.


I'm also a bureaucrat at Victorious Wiki, and I'm barely on either. I want to focus my energy towards one of them. Considering recent events, I chose V wiki. Since I'm a neutral shipper for that show, it's much easier for me to see things objectively without emotional investment.

I'll still be a chat mod and rollbacker here, and still help out from time to time. But I'm tired of being an admin at both wikis.

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