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  • Edfan12

    Personally, since this TV series is set in a webshow, I think an actor, an actress, a singer or a YouTube personality should guest star on iCarly.

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  • Edfan12

    When iCarly hits their 100th episode, here's my possible episode guide for the re-airings.

    • In production order (101-125)
    1. iPilot
    2. iLike Jake
    3. iWant More Viewers
    4. iSpy a Mean Teacher
    5. iWanna Stay with Spencer
    6. iWant a World Record
    7. iNevel
    8. iWill Date Freddie
    9. iScream on Halloween
    10. iAm Your Biggest Fan
    11. iHeart Art

    • In production order (201-225)
    1. iGo to Japan: Part 1

    • In production order (226-245, 301-305)
    1. iTake on Dingo

    • In production order (306-313, 401-413, 501-504)
    1. iPity The Nevel
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  • Edfan12

    My confession

    February 17, 2012 by Edfan12

    I have a confession to make - I support Creddie. I don't think Freddie and Sam will be a couple in the end of the series, I think Freddie and Carly will date in the end of the series.

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  • Edfan12

    iBlogged the Dot

    October 8, 2011 by Edfan12

    iBlogged the Dot is my iCarly fanon.

    When Spencer goes into the League of Sculptors, he is banned from the club. Meanwhile, Freddie creates

    Carly goes to sleep in her room dreaming what would life happen if she and Freddie had never met alongside with Sam. In the dream, Carly is a smart girl getting straight As and Spencer is a lawyer. Freddie and Sam are a couple

    • Gibby's father's first name is revealed as Charles.
    • Nevel and Mandy's last ever appearance.
    • Josh Peck makes a cameo.
    • When Carly mentions a rival show to iCarly, she mentions Lonely Girls 203, a pun on LonelyGirl15, a webshow seen on YouTube whose account was revealed as fictional in 2005.
    • Freddie's middle name is revealed as Warren
    • Sam is revealed to be of Jewish descent by her mother's sideā€¦

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  • Edfan12

    iCarly Season 6

    July 21, 2011 by Edfan12

    These are my working titles for the sixth and possibly final broadcasting season (fifth and possibly final official season, because the season with the 400 production code is the second half of the fourth official season). I hope there's going to be 16 episodes.

    • 501: iDon't Know
    • 502: iSeize the Day
    • 503: iCarly L.A. - The possible backdoor pilot for the spin-off.
    • 504: iFreddie - The 100th episode!
    • 505: iResign - Carly resigns.
    • 506: iHeart Gibby - Carly falls in love with Gibby.
    • 507: iGo to London (part 1)
    • 508: iGo to London (part 2)
    • 509: iGo to London (part 3)
    • 510: iGo to London (part 4)
    • 511: iTalk to Spencer
    • 512:
    • 513
    • 514
    • 515: iFinale (part 1)
    • 516: iFinale (part 2)
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