These are the 16 questions for the iCarly fans to see if they are the ultimate iCarly fan.

  1. Which character who takes off his shirt is a big fan of Ryan Seacrest?
  2. How long was the Creddie kiss in "iSaved Your Life"?
  3. Which character loves eating meat?
  4. Which character is the doorman who has a big wart on his left cheek?
  5. Why is Sam a bad girl?
  6. Which recipe is well known for being created by Spencer?
  7. Which character is Latisha McPeanuts in "iCook"?
  8. Which language includes Dirkenstadt in "iDream of Dance"?
  9. Who played Carly and Sam's crush Shane in "iSaw Him First"?
  10. Why was Jennette McCurdy absent in "iWon't Cancel the Show"?
  11. What was the name of the American Idol parody show in "iRocked the Vote"?
  12. Which character is a big fan of Randy Jackson?
  13. Who is Gibby's girlfriend?
  14. Name the dynamic duo who split up after one of the duo painted a car purple?
  15. What does MPEG stands for, according to Freddie?
  16. Who is Spencer's arch-enemy?

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