• ElectricMeadowsOfSeddie

    I've been thinking about this allot tonight, so I decided to write a blog about it.

    I don't think I can say I hate Creddie, or even dislike it. Addressing Creddie on it's own, it could be amazingly sweet and sentimental. I love ships which could be considered similar to Creddie.

    But I don't want Creddie to happen. First of all, I don't feel like Freddie has ever "loved" Carly. What he felt seemed closer to infatuation. Carly is sweet, girly, motherly, she's the average image of who a boy at that age would want to be with. I'm not saying Freddie doesn't love Carly as a friend. Throughout the show we've seen the two become very close friends, who care about each other and know each other extremely well. At this point, love would become apparent…

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  • ElectricMeadowsOfSeddie

    Kay, what's really been bugging me lately is some Seddie fans NOT caring about the relationship itself (Between Sam and Freddie) and only indulging in cute moments. If we're veiwing them as people with feelings and lives, why wouldn't you care? A few Seddie fans have said they won't care if Sam and Freddie break up as long as they date at some point. WTH???! I don't see you as a REAL Seddie fan if you say that. Don't you wish for something that lasts in YOUR life. Don't the characters on iCarly deserve a LASTING relationship. Selfish Seddie fans bug me more than die hard Creddie fans. It makes me feel embarrassed to be categorized with THOSE PATICULAR type of shippers.

    Maybe this is just me, but when I ship people, I don't just pick a coup…

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  • ElectricMeadowsOfSeddie

    Hey guys. So I have a youtube channel where I make videos mostly of Seddie and Bat. I'm working on a Bat video (Beck/Cat) right now, I need to make a quick tribute to Seddie in iOMG before I visit my sisters. I'll basicly be boucing around till after iOMG :-)

    Anyway, I was wondering (if any of you make videos for Seddie) if you'd like to do a collab video with me after iOMG. It could be really fun! (Especially if Seddie happens in iOMG =)

    It could Be Seddie, Seddie/Cibby, Seddie/Criffin...even Seddie and Carly/Brad! (lol)

    Either way, do you guys have any ideas for my tribute to iOMG...I have no idea what to do! =D

    My channel is LoveNekoChick.

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