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Collab?? =)

Hey guys. So I have a youtube channel where I make videos mostly of Seddie and Bat. I'm working on a Bat video (Beck/Cat) right now, I need to make a quick tribute to Seddie in iOMG before I visit my sisters. I'll basicly be boucing around till after iOMG :-)

Anyway, I was wondering (if any of you make videos for Seddie) if you'd like to do a collab video with me after iOMG. It could be really fun! (Especially if Seddie happens in iOMG =)

It could Be Seddie, Seddie/Cibby, Seddie/Criffin...even Seddie and Carly/Brad! (lol)

Either way, do you guys have any ideas for my tribute to iOMG...I have no idea what to do! =D

My channel is LoveNekoChick.

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