Warning: This blog is polite.

I've been thinking about this allot tonight, so I decided to write a blog about it.

I don't think I can say I hate Creddie, or even dislike it. Addressing Creddie on it's own, it could be amazingly sweet and sentimental. I love ships which could be considered similar to Creddie.

But I don't want Creddie to happen. First of all, I don't feel like Freddie has ever "loved" Carly. What he felt seemed closer to infatuation. Carly is sweet, girly, motherly, she's the average image of who a boy at that age would want to be with. I'm not saying Freddie doesn't love Carly as a friend. Throughout the show we've seen the two become very close friends, who care about each other and know each other extremely well. At this point, love would become apparent. Freddie had the opportunity to be with Carly (something he would've jumped at in season 1), but he passed it up. We've seen Freddie fully healed in many episodes, yet he still chooses not to bring up dating. I just can't believe he's in love with her. He doesn't act like it.

Although we just now found out that Sam is in love (Note:Sam has not said it, but that is the general assumption from the end of iOMG), I believe she has been in love with Freddie for much longer than one episode. Moments like the end of iSpeed date make me think she's jealous. I also saw the sadness in her eyes, which broke my heart. She has been shown to detest the idea of Carly and Freddie dating "It makes me want to puke up blood" and has been rude toward every girl Freddie has ever liked. And now I can state with confidence that Sam loves Freddie.

I love Sam, and to put it short, I want her to get what she wants. I want Sam to be happy. I love Carly too, but I don't think she truly wants Freddie. Besides when Freddie saved her life, she has never expressed the desire to be more than friends with him. iSaved your life has passed, and no further indication towards still liking him in that way has been made. I think she was confused, because she felt such gratitude toward Freddie because of what he did for her, she mistook it for love. I feel that Carly can be happy with another guy. It's easier for her to date than Sam. I believe Sam needs her best friend, the one that can accept her for who she is, who is fond of her odd traits, and who can fight back xD Someone who knows her, and who she can be herself with. This would be Freddie =)

So those are my feelings towards The Love-Triangle (lol). This is all just my personal opinion, so please no hate =)

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